Membersgiants and humanoids of the Elephant Backbone
Period198 - 209

The Virkning Pact was forged by 14 humanoid groups of the Elephant Backbone's western tracts. Early in the First Epoch, earth giants, mountain giants, goblins, orcs, and other humanoid races combined forces to coordinate attacks on the holdings of Akthol-Tharag. The driving reason for their hostility was the grandeur and loot held by those living in the ancient edifices of the gods. This is not hyperbole because in the Creation War, Akthol-Tharag's capital served as an impregnable bastion for great angels, heroes, and others serving the Nawirrûs Covenant.

In 198, the Virkning Pact started the Virkning Rising. This was a brutal war, nearly leading to the collapse of Akthol-Tharag. Although they lost nearly half their population, the dwarves survived the twelve year war. By grit and stubbornness the people of Akthol-Tharag outlasted the humanoids of the Virkning pact. In 209, pact infighting resulted in it being disbanded.