RegionTribe Steppes
Founded28 Hollow 79
FounderNoncel Calijoth

In the Year 77, a Jara Horde swept into the Singarban Forest. Facing an overwhelming horde, the Theegan of this area retreated to the safety of Synnbarri's canyons. Harrassed continuously, two years later, under the leadership of the Calijoth they founded the Hazrith settlement.

Like most areas of what is now called Shadow Rift, Hazrith is a city cloaked in shadows and gloom. Much of this is the result of city's shadow rifts, heavy use of shadow magic, and a general desire to keep the environs shadowy and dark. Shadow Rift has 33 permanent rifts linking the world Bal-Kriav with its sinister moon Deaths Kindle. Ten of these rifts are inside Hazrith. They are a source for shadow energy and trade goods coming through the rift. The stone Kindlite, unique to Deaths Kindle, is one of the more interesting of these imports.

Hazrith is sprawled about the Shadow Rift's floor and walls, covering several miles north to south. Numerous bridges connect the canyon walls and the tiers of the upper city environs. Unlike the cities of Tragarans, kriavian elves, and many other races, the Ink-Shads view status by how low one's dwelling is rather than how high. Thus, the lowest parts of the Hazrith are taken by the more wealthy and powerful citizens.

Notable Areas
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