Ice Pilar War

Period14 - 31
TheaterCinazan, Grashakh
Hofthorm VS Glangveif

The Ice Pilar War was the last great war between the fire giant empire Hofthorm and its frost giant opposite Glangveif. Theologians says this war was just another in a long series of proxy wars between the gods Surtur and Thyrm.

One of the major events of this conflict was when a catapult was carried into the Giant Step mountains by a roc. A crew of fire giants then loaded the war machine with an Ember of Tosgerd and launched it into the tip of the Anzar glacier. This rapidly melted a vast area around it turning it into what is now called lake Kedmaer. It also flooded the mining tunnels and deep crevasses around Haugald; which at the time were the best defenses of the city. In this war, and many others before it, these heavily fortified areas had led to the ruin of Hofthorm's besiegers. After there flooding, Hofthorm was able to wade or build pontoon bridges across these areas and assail the walls of their enemy. Hofthorm's capture of Haugald was the end to the long reign of the Titan Empire Glangveif.