U g e n a r g Dogface Ruins

RegionNorthern Hordelands
AliasDogface Ruins
Founded13 Temporal 789

Ugenarg was the westernmost city of the Yagamph Republic (746 - 956). Sited in the Pass of Rungalur, it controlled the traffic moving east and west. A slaver's market with Theegans the most sold, it was the target of many attacks by upstart warlords and the rising might of the Witch Horde.

In 948, Ugenarg fell to the Witch Horde. With the population sent off to slavery, Ugenarg became better known as Dogface Ruins. This for crumbled walls and towers shaped like the leering faces of gnolls and demon hounds. Before its fall, Ugenarg had hundreds of bronze and stone statues of great war hounds. Today, most of these are in the halls of collectors, or in the museums of far-away empires.

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