U g e n a r g Dogface Ruins

RegionNorthern Hordelands
AliasesDogface Ruins
Founded13 Temporal 789

Ugenarg, or disparagingly as Dogface Ruins among the local Theegans, was the westernmost city of Yagamph. In 948, the Witch Horde sacked Ugenarg and enslaved the woman and children of the city.

The ruins of Ugenarg are sited in the Rungalur Pass. To the north and south of this desolate place are the Zadyast mountains. The crumbled walls and towers of the city depict imagery of gnolls, hounds, and demoniac dogs. Thousands of hound statues once lined the streets of Ugenarg. Most of these statues have been carried away to lairs or sit in the halls of far-away empires, but some are said to exist beneath the ruins. These items are rare and command high prices to art dealers.

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