Pixit Cloudscrapers
RegionLands of Purity
MapPixit Forest

Pixit is a temperate forest of the Sylvan Kingdoms. The western borders of this forest are the highlands of Raganbirak and the river Tániel. Pixit ends in name at the Lerchadan river. On the east side of this river, the forest continues but there it is called the Elberial. Pixit is dotted with colossal trees, often 300' in diameter and rising to heights of a 1000' or more, these Cloudscrapers are the lairs of raptors and winged fey.

Pixit is named for the numerous Pixie that dwell here. In addition to these pranksters, are dozens of Sprite villages and other mischievous fey. The northern tracts of the forest are home to thousands of Forstneblin; most citizens of Voruner.

Notable Areas