RegionLands of Purity
Built16 Brighstar 832

Agdúrn is a massive fortress in the eastern tracts of Sinarag. It is a moss green bastion rising up from fetid swamp like a great spear. Its walls are readily scalable from thousands of vines creeping along sloped walls. The garrison gave up on the never-ending task of beating back the creeper vines and other vegetation that clings to walls like a web. The remote site of Agdúrn and hazardous wetlands are defense alone from any but the most brave attackers.

In the First Epoch, Agdúrn became a gathering area for troll and Graagvrii tribes. They would meet here and sometimes forge short-lived alliances for long distance raids against Farinteen's frontier settlements. By the start of the Second Epoch, Agdúrn had grown in size and population, becoming a permanent base for a line of Lorhazi leaders. The naga Ning'izzi made a deal with the area's two prominent cults, in return for supporting her in unifying the tribes and forming an empire, she would move the seat of government to Nagapolis. Upon the founding of Ningizzida, the deal was settled with Agdúrn still classified as a holding of the newly formed empire, but governed by a council of ministers pooled from the two supporting cults.

Agdúrn is home to the cults Sanagar-Umlâs and Borurthane. These two groups advance necromancy and the study of diseases, poisons, and alchemy. They also carry on a seemingly never-ending conflict with each other performed secretly so as not to upset the Fanged Court of Ningizzida.

Agdúrn has a vast prison beneath it. Many of these hold the test subjects for various diseases, poisons, and other concoctions created by the two cults headquartered here. There are also many other terrible monsters and pets in these cells.

Notable Areas