RegionLands of Purity
DeitiesDanzar-Khâl, Primus
Founded26 Lunar 188

Bokgruma is a dwarven city near the coasts of the Pearl Sea. It is one of the states that make up the nation of Malacost.

In 135, the ten clans of the Taraglandu, left the Kingdom of Phlehorn. The king sent them away, on a mission to strengthen their mining claims in the Tholmgerd Mountains. Unable to hold these claims, they were driven into the deeps. In the dark reaches of Olvagny they passed into the lands of the Gaereausians; then peopled only by earth archons. They were greatly helped on their journey, even told of an area that would serve them well. All of this came with their oath that they would become a member of the Gnemdos Trade Network.

A decade after leaving Phlehorn, the Taraglandu settled down. Following Gaereausian guides and maps, they built the settlement Narukgulan in the cliffs overlooking the Sharazâr. Four decades later, following the advice of the Gnemdos Trade Network, they sent colonists east, building Bokgruma on a river destined to become a major tradeway.

In 728, Narukgulan was captured by Apocolypse and his Graagvrii army. Most of the Narukgulans fled east, joining Bokgruma.

In the Second Epoch, Bokgruma grew to be a rich commercial city. The river Tániel flows along the foothills leading up to the hammer shaped walls of the dwarven citadel. The towers of the city are built with tops that look like dwarven styled helmets and bristle with cannons and dragon ballista. Half of the city lies within the peaks behind Bokgruma. Some dwarven miners of the city claim that by way of these internal structures they can reach all their most prized mines and as such they rarely see the light of day.

In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), Bokgruma sent an army to join the Holy Quinary. On 17 Brightstar 1551, Bokgruma became a state of the newly formed Country of Malacost.

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