Magrâbik Monoliths

Magrâbik Monolith
LocationAnubeth, Igas, Magrâbik
Built758 - 769
InzilthôrKathôn BathurinSapthûn

In the First Epoch, a group of Tamlêrran wizards built six towering monoliths. As batteries of arcane energy, they would became the anchors for a powerful ward. The wizards that built these monoliths were the most powerful mages of Magrâbik. The task of making them was difficult, expensive, and in the beginning resulted in the deaths of several arch-mages.

It is interesting to note, that we have yet to be harried or eviscerated by weave spiders. We dabble on the fringes of the Web of Magic and still no attacks - could it be that they know we do Arcana's work? We will soon see if their passivity holds when we are at their doors, ready to pierce the Web and use its power for a noble cause.

- Urizamar, Cornerstone Inquisitor, from a personal journal - "Monolith Makers"

After trial and error, the mages learned that it required at least ten of them pooling their arcane skills to empower each monolith. The first two were built on the southern edge of Magrâbik where it meets the fiery lands of Anubeth, and its opposite was placed where Magrâbik meets with the icy wastes of Igas.

The Magrâbik Monoliths are built of rune carved stones called Tolm. Each serve as a medium for tapping into the Web of Magic, drawing arcane energy for powering a very large ward. With the first two monoliths, the ward spanned the northern borders of the two volatile regions. Over time, more monoliths were made, expanding to two in Igas and two in Anubeth. These six monoliths, the anchors of the Elemantum Boundary Ward are strongest in the north where they shield Magrâbik from the otherworldly conditions of Anubeth and Igas. In the other directions, the Magrâbik Monoliths serve to keep the advancing glaciers of Igas and the lava flows of Anubeth at a slow, but steady pace.