RegionHigh Wood Country
Wood Elf80%
Founded16 Bloom 9250 GE

Built in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) by the Hedge Legion, Glanningol was a Covenant fortress of sector Taurelin. Under the command of generals like Silvanus, those based here were tasked with taking out marauding bands of demons; many in service to the demon lord Yeenoghu.

In Glanningol's construction, the Hedge Legion created dense thickets and briars from the shores of lake Lethiel to the western foothills of Thranerch. Two centuries of spells, hardening trees, sharpening briars, creating deep tangles, caused permanent damage to the area's link to the Web of Magic. It created an area called the Hedge Embrasures, with Glanningol the anchor. In this area, and what is today a city, the energies of the world of Kriav bleed over. This heightens the area's nature energy, causing the occasional fey population boom, and making plant-life up to 20% hardier than normal. After the Demon Spawn War, behind the mazes of the Hedge Embrasures, Glanningol was not the most suitable place to live. Left to the wilds, it became an overgrown ruin.

In 419, the Angrods reoccupied the ruins. They studied forgotten scrolls and tomes, learning how to coax plant-life into serving as living plant walls and structures. With this knowledge, they went to work shaping paths and roads through the Hedge Embrasures to the city.

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