RegionHigh Wood Country
Founded16 Bloom 9250 GE

Glanningol was built in the Demon Spawn War by the Hedge Legion. This elite force under the leadership of Silvanus was tasked with the marauding bands of demons under the banner of Yeenoghu. This demon lord's hordes were spilling out of the Primordial Storm, threatening the Northern Hordelands. To counter this in the west, in sector Taurelin, the Hedge Legion created dense thickets and briars from the shores of lake Lethiel to the western foothills of Thranerch. As time went on, so much nature magic was used here that it damaged the Web of Magic. This created an area where the energies of the world of Kriav bled over to the world of Bal-Kriav. This resulted in a heightened level of nature energy, a population boom for fey creatures, and making plant-life more hardy. All of this proved most helpful in keeping the demons hordes out of Glanningol. After the war, Glanningol was left to the wilds.

In 419, the Angrods reoccupied the area. They spent several centuries acquiring the know-how to coax the trees, briars, and other plant-life into serving as living plant walls and structures. Rumor has it took so long because they had to convince an elder treant named Friamadra, that they were here for the good of the forest and not self-serving interests.

We are wood elves, we live among the trees, so it is without question that we are here for the good of this place.

Friamadra, former node of the Roots of NĂșlananya then said, "Young ones of this land, I've been through the ages, the God Era, the Lith-Crillion Era, the Horgon Era. I've seen a lot paradoxes in my time. Nobody thought that the wood elves that followed Lolth and would become the drow. So, I will watch and you prove to me that you are deserving of the secrets of Glanningol".

- Angrod Emissary, to the elder treant Friamadra - "The Glanningol Test"

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