FounderAdmiral Sindab
Founded12 Brightstar 398

Sillutho was founded by Tragaran pirates under Admiral Sindab. This pirate leader preyed on the same people he once protected as an admiral of the Burterinii navy. He built a base on Hargul and used this place to make raids on the coastal settlements of Gulimbor. Burterinii's navy and marines assaulted Sillutho in the Year 413. They were beaten off and suffered terrible losses in men and ships. Fifteen years later, they attacked again and took Sillutho.

During the Conclave War, many refugees of the mainland came to Sillutho. They remained here as the lands and seas became wracked with magical storms. These storms were part of what became known as the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203). Over the next decade, the refugees and other citizens of Sillutho were taken north to new settlements established in Ma'Ohari.

Civilization Tree
Admiral Sindab
King. of Burterinii