Selûn Serpent

OwnerIvory Asylum (Duraigosân)
Founded11 Lunar 1588 HE

For a time in the Creation War, the fjord Thor Har served was a primordial base for forces under a storm titan named Thjorygg. Covenant battle planners codenamed it Selûn; the Supernal word for "serpent".

In the Horgon Era, the Hydrocur controlled this area, Ginnoth and the islands around it. They swam up the Mêzel, or along the northern coasts of Straiden, searching and raiding the interior for subjects. These hapless victims, along with Durkoth technology, resulted in the Elderaunt race. They were meant to be a slave soldiers, sort of how the Hydrocur were enforcers for the Durkoth, the Elderaunts were intended to be enforcers for the Hydrocur. Under the Hydrocur, elderaunt slave armies were sent far away to assault Râpha-Sûn and other former Abâthigûr.

The Hydrocur had difficulty in controlling their creations.

It was a beginner's mistake, using the powers of Creation to make too many sentients of the same kind, then trying to advance them, catch-up to those already established on Bal-Kriav.

- Bruh Kreniik, from a Plaques of Aphalur - "Botched Creation"

Elderaunts deserted in great numbers and sometimes turned on their Hydrocur masters in the thick of battle. Those that escaped the yoke of the Hydrocur went into Izagunbar's interior. The tougher ones, those seeking to free the rest of their people, built a bastion on a bluff overlooking Ginnoth. They named it Selûn. This was supposedly the name of an elderaunt who tried to rally the people of Tadâph against the Hydrocur.

After the defeat of the Hydrocur, Selûn became the hold of the Alukhan. This tribe and the Duraigosâns were constantly in conflict with each other. The Duraigosâns wanted Selûn because it once served as the heart of Hydrocur resistance. It was place of great historical significance and pride to all elderaunts and those that ruled it would obviously be seen on a level above the other tribes. In 341, the Duraigosâns and their allies captured the town and nearly wiped out the entire Alukhan tribe.

Selûn is sited on a high cliff peninsula overlooking Ginnoth. The people of the city, mostly elderaunts and giff, have terraced the granite slopes of the surrounding peninsula. The eastern side of the city descends into Thor Har. This canyon holds the harbor of the city. The white and gray granite was used to build the docks and harbor. The city docks are so large that they can port the entire merchant and naval fleet of Ivory Asylum. The thick sloped, and earth protected walls (virtually cannon proof) of Selûn are bleached white and hold numerous small to colossal sized granite structures shaped like tusks. Some of these tusks serve as defensive towers. The cities deep blue banners with a colorful image of a sail, flutter over these great walls and tusk structures. House banners, all of deep and bright colors flutter over the interior dwelling of this grandiose city.

The people of Selûn are a proud people with a rich heritage of naval adventure and military action. The east dock of the city is rough area, most notably the Garrot Ward. This area of the city is a hot-bed of black marketing, guild wars, and crime. During great times of need, the highly trained rogues, assassins, and specialists of this rough populace are hired out by the Swarvan Department.

Southwest of the city, as far as the eye can see, are vast wheat, grape, and olive farms.

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