CategoryHigher Powers
SystemOcanthus (Acheron)
RaceStorm Titan (Primordial)
Alignmentlawful evil
Symbollightning bolt
DomainDestruction, Storm
Born22 Bliss 8301 DE
11 Bloom 645 HE - 9 Temporal 1895 HE
17 Saunas 2 - present

When Talos was born, he was placed on an altar of gloomstar in the icy wastes of northern Brucrumus. He was blessed by a conclave of primordial attendants and then barraged for twenty days by a lightning storm. The continuity of this lightning storm came from 26 primordial minions having the powers of an arcane hierophant. The lightning pulverized the ice and stone of the surface and then took on a life of its own as Talos grew from a baby to a over-sized adult storm giant. As he grew, the living lightning storm around him carved out a canyon with the altar buoyed aloft by continuous stream of electricity. As he grew over twenty days, the storm continued to burn and disintegrate a path downward. As it plunged further and further into the deeps, energy from the storm was absorbed by Talos leading to the narrowing of the canyon and then many smaller crevasses leading even deeper into the Underdark. On the last day, the living lightning storm was absorbed by Talos giving him his awesome lightning powers. During the storm, Talos was fused with the altar of gloomstar. Some theologians says that Talos's great regenerative power is because of the gloomstar fused into his bones. The massive canyon left behind by his birth became known as the Mark of Talos. For his worshipers, this place is a holy site.

In 8602 DE, during the Creation War, Talos, Geb and other primordials pulled a chunk of elemental matter into Sphere 411. This island of rock, named Angvild, settled in the ocean Morwuld Briin.

On 4 Lunar 8701 DE, Talos acquired the storm domain with the death of archangel Zephuros. This happened when Zephuros activated a spell that killed himself and creating the marvel Zephuros Mark. This spell, powered by the archangel's sacrifice, destroyed an army, but did not kill its target Talos.

On 12 Kindle 8776 DE, a project that had been in the works for over a century came to fruition. Of interesting potential, it was back field work, where when they had time Geb and Talos would put in some sweat. Most of the time though, the work was done by an army of storm and cloud giants. They were those out on sick leave, retired soldiers, or those considered not up to the rigors of war. Talos returned to Angvild on the day his sky island separated from the land beneath it. Called Krarkauk, this was to be a mobile bastion, floating anywhere it pleased. Like Angvild, the island it was worked free from, it was more the stuff of Chaos than the world around it. It broke free, a floating earth mote unimpeded by gravity. The cavity left behind by Krarkauk's rising into the clouds is called the Talos Cleft.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Talos fought alongside many of the angels and gods he fought against in the Creation War. Their aid, their armies of giants were of great help against the demon onslaught. Like Geb and Surtur, this help is the reason why these Quelled Primordials were allowed to stay around after the Demon Spawn War; where other primordials were sent back to Chaos, or to worlds beyond the Mortal Systems.

Talos has been a Higher Power twice. The first time came about during the reign of Aslauthroa, and ended shortly after that empire's fall. On 17 Saunas 2, he once again became a god. Leading up to his second go at godhood, he made sure to spread his flock far and wide, and not put too much emphasis any one empire. Talos was made a god by The Balance. They did this to counter the growing might of Poseideon, and his ignoring the Mandate of the Heavens.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Azrun√ĘthBeirgnar Fingil
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Minor Power
Modulating Energy+15 modulating energy damage for all attacks
One With Lightninghealed by electrical attacks, can turn back any electrical attack to its source, +10 per die for all electrical attacks made by Talos and save DC increased by 5
Follower Boons
Thundering Shock+1 damage to all electrical attacks, +1 on saves vs electrical attacksnone
Skin of TalosElectrical Resistance 10, because it is a divine blessing, this stacks with like resistancespriests