Typelarge humanoid (dragon-blood)
Creation4 Bloom 870 HE
NativeAerie of Dragons

In 862 HE, the Spire of Neld-Rac came down from the clouds and settled in Fiit Storn. The leader of this Helas Vessel was a Saint of Maen named Neld-Rac. After securing the area, he sent his minions into the countryside to gather humanoids and beasts for his grisly experiments. Books found by the Bralda-Balc list over a thousand creatures that died in Neld-Rac's labs. The lab journals also detail the creation of a new race.

4 Bloom, 870 HE: I have finally bore fruit in DR 3. The magical breeding of a Toomrur ogre-magi with a Kriistvrii has given birth to a dragon-like humanoid specimen of powerful build and great strength. This first specimen of a race, I shall call Balfroglemis. As for the name of the race itself, I'm leaving that to Ikhenholmbrac.

4 Bloom, 885 HE: Like a small reptile, they grow fast. They have instinctual cunning and are domineering like the dragons of this world. They don't cooperate well with others of their kind. They vie for supremacy all the time.

- Neld-Rac, from one of the Lab Journals of Neld-Rac - "Journal 46, page 133"

Over time, the Muneyd'vith "escaped" their Durkoth masters at the Spire. They set out to establish their own gangs, yearning for greater dominance. A century into the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), the Muneyd'vith were gone from the Spire. Some sought to take claim of the Spire, leading to battles across many levels, and unleashing of all manner of magical monsters and alien creatures in the process.

Today, most Muneyd'viths are found in the Aerie of Dragons. They have a low birth rate, but what they lack in numbers, they make up with toughness, cunning and ferocity. They are very charismatic. If their leadership qualities, cunning, or outright fear, fail to charm a creature then they use their psionic powers to gain influence.

The word Muneyd'vith is Draconic for "humanoid serpent". Instead of being given a LangurĂ¢pha word, Neld-Rac passed the honor to the one that had helped him create a new race. This was the black dragon Ikhenholmbrac; one that would go on to become a bit of a legend in the Lands of Purity. The work of these two led to the creation of the Muneyd'vith race. This happened halfway into the Horgon Era, when dragons were becoming notably prideful. The general Dragon view was that the wingless bipeds were beneath them. It was thus a surprise that Ikhenholmbrac, of the dozens of dragons he contacted, came to him, freely giving up blood, skin and scales to Neld-Rac for his experiments. It was something that no dragon would have been part of, unless they were encouraged by something greater. For Ikhenholmbrac this was Tiamat.

You will help this Durkoth lord. He is unlike the others, more interested in his work than domination. If successful, it will help our cause. The Kriistvrii will always be beholden to Bahamut, its in their blood, so we need a counter to them, boots on the ground. This Neld-Rac is doing important work, do what is reasonable and keep in contact.

- Tiamat, from Ikhenholmbrac's memoirs - "My Lowest Times"

In the Aerie of Dragons, the Muneyd'vith are some of the most powerful and cunning creatures. Many evil organizations are led by their kind, some rise to greatness, becoming a Dragon Lord.

Muneyd'vith are 8'-12' tall, 450-900lbs, and live for 800 years. They vary in appearance, but are distinctly dragon-like humanoids in build. In a few rare births, quadrupeds have come about. These four-legged beasts are dim-witted so they follow, rather than lead, serving as the wrecking machines for evil masters. They have been used as living siege engines, and when they die their ability of reflecting missile-fire and magic is made into shields and armor. A Muneyd'vith also does not go to waste on passing, for their scaly skin is much prized for making Muneyd'vith Hide.

Whale oil is an aphrodisiac to the Muneyd'vith. In the decades leading up to the Second Burn (1456 HE - 1474 HE), Mir'piamauza's planners used this against the Zeymah'kein - keeping their enemy's most feared commanders, the Muneyd'vith, more interested in fighting for mates than war. The idea of using whale oil against the Muneyd'vith was not a new thing, the same had been done by the Durkoth when they wanted to keep their Muneyd'vith minions sedated. The result of these practices out in the wild, beyond the Spire, led to the creation of the Aggorath (996 HE); the result of the mating of a hobgoblin and a Muneyd'vith.

Racial Traits
Generational Scales +10 natural AC
Brute Force +8 Strength
Dragon Awe +2 Charisma
Dragon Stamina +1 Constitution
Dragon Intellect +1 Intelligence
Dragon Breath as Kriistvrii breath weapon
Element Resistance immune to the same element as their Dragon Breath
Durkoth Dominance charm monster 1/day, charm person 2/day (Will DC 10 + spell level + charisma modifier)
Natural Weapons claw 1-6, bite 1-4
Superior Speed MV 40
ECL +10