Creation4 Bloom 870 HE
NativeAerie of Dragons

In 862 HE, the Spire of Neld-Rac came down from the clouds and settled in Fiit Storn. The leader of this Helas Vessel was a Saint of Maen named Neld-Rac. After securing the area, he sent his minions into the countryside to gather humanoids and beasts for his grisly experiments.

Books found by Bralda-Balc list over a thousand creatures that died in Neld-Rac's labs. The lab journals also give the creation date of a new race.

4 Bloom, 870 HE: I have finally bore fruit in DR 3. The magical breeding of a Toomrur ogre-magi with a dragonborn has given birth to a dragon-like humanoid specimen of powerful build and great strength. This first specimen of the Muneyd'vith race is given the name Balfroglemis.

4 Bloom, 885 HE: Muneyd'vith grow fast. They have instinctual cunning and are domineering like the dragons of this world. Unfortunately, they don't cooperate well with others of their kind; each vie for supremacy, and have murdered their Durkoth masters, and even been so bold as to make attempts on the life of me, a Saint of Maen!

- Neld-Rac, from one of the Lab Journals of Neld-Rac - "Journal 46, page 133"

Over time, Muneyd'vith escaped Durkoth yoke and set out to establish their own holdings, displaying a yearning for dominance fitting their dragon blood. Most of them abandoned the Spire in the Durkoth Descent. A few sought to take claim of the Spire, resulting in battles across its many levels and unleashing of all manner of magical monsters and alien creatures in the process.

Today, most Muneyd'viths are found in the Aerie of Dragons. They have a low birth rate, but what they lack in numbers, they make up with toughness, cunning and ferocity. They are very charismatic. If their leadership qualities, cunning, or outright fear, fail to charm a creature then they use their psionic powers to gain influence.

The word Muneyd'vith is Draconic for "humanoid serpent". A Draconic name was chosen for the race over a Langur√Ępha (the Durkoth language) one because of the help given by a black dragon. This dragon helped Neld-Rac with his experiments and without it the Muneyd'vith would not have come about. The dragon was an agent of Tiamat, who duly passed on information to his master. Neld-Rac was quite aware of this relationship, yet never let it be known, instead using "their" servant to funnel information on to him on Bal-Kriav and its dragons - something entirely new to the Durkoth since dragons don't exist on Os√Ęchar.

In the Aerie of Dragons, Muneyd'viths are some of the most powerful and cunning creatures, followed closely by the Aggorath; a race descended from them. In many of the Aerie's evil organizations, it is the Muneyd'vith who hold the reigns of leadership or serve in positions of power. Some of these supreme leaders carry the title Dragon Lord.

The lackeys of the Muneyd'vith are normally the Aggorath, dragons, and other evil humanoids. The more intelligent and powerful dragons ignore the directives of these Dragon Lords; and vie for power with these self-proclaimed masters of dragons.

Muneyd'vith are 8'-12' tall, 450-900lbs, and live for 800 years. They vary in appearance, but are distinctly dragon-like humanoids in build. In a few rare births, quadrupeds have come about. These four-legged beasts are dim-witted so they follow, rather than lead, serving as the wrecking machines for evil masters. They have been used as living siege engines, and when they die their ability of reflecting missile-fire and magic is made into shields and armor. A Muneyd'vith also does not go to waste on passing, for their scaly skin is much prized for making Muneyd'vith Hide.

Whale oil is an aphrodisiac to the Muneyd'vith. For fifty years leading up to the Second Burn war, Bael Turath's planners used this against them - keeping their enemy's more interested in love than war. This was meant to destabilize Arkhosia, since it is well known that the more Muneyd'vith you have in area, the more chance of in-fighting from their inherent domineering nature. When Bael Turath stopped shipping whale oil to their addicted buyers, the Second Burn begin.

Racial Traits
Generational Scales +10 natural AC
Brute Force +8 Strength
Dragon Awe +2 Charisma
Dragon Stamina +1 Constitution
Dragon Intellect +1 Intelligence
Dragon Breath as dragonborn breath weapon
Element Resistance immune to the same element as their Dragon Breath
Durkoth Dominance charm monster 1/day, charm person 2/day (Will DC 10 + spell level + charisma modifier)
Natural Weapons claw 1-6, bite 1-4
Superior Speed MV 40