Founded14 Bloom 971

Lorfin-Bator is a port city along Thrawkrall's southwestern edge. The city's eastern edge is the river Glormorn.

Lorfin-Bator was built in 971 as a Ivory Asylum trading-colonial outpost . The elderaunts allowed a local minotaur tribe, ignoring the tribe's claim to the land they were occupying, to remain in the vicinity. The minotaurs swallowed their pride for access to foreign goods, thus began a brisk trade between Lorfin-Bator and Rîni's merchants that has weathered blockades and many wars between Ba'lith and Ivory Asylum. In fact, the bards that sing of famed blockade runners often use of the names of ships, their captain, and crew in their tales. As a way of establishing goodwill, Ivory Asylum's colonial board allowed the minotaurs to name this city. They chose the name Lorfin-Bator for the names of the local chieftain's two sons. Sadly, this turned into a dispute of who's name should go first. This was settled when Bator killed his brother Lorfin. Ivory Asylum's trading post did not last long. It became a symbol of Ivory Asylum colonialism, agitating the minotaurs that were not reaping the benefits of the trade. As a result this Ivory Imperialism, the minotaurs mobilized. In 985, they had driven Ivory Asylum from Azrik's shores. Two years later, Ba'lith annexed Lorfin-Bator. At first they tried to stop trade with Rîni, but after seeing the tax revenue they turned a blind-eye to the trading with their long time rivals across the channel.

For nearly ten years, Ivory Asylum led an imperialist role along the coasts of Karterus. They spread their control, trade, and "nation-building" to Azrik by way of Lorfin-Bator.

- Antagral, minotaur historian of Ba'lith - "Azrik Exploitation"

Today, the city is a major sea port for Ba'lith. It is also a major learning and culture center with the largest concentration of minotaur schools and military academies. West and south of the city is the Glormorn river. This river is used to move commerce to Bâlê and other inland settlements.

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