CategoryHigher Powers
RaceDevil (Archdevil)
Lord of the Third9414 GE - present
Fallen Angel9414 GE - present
Alignmentlawful evil
SymbolBag of Spilled Coins

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), Mammon served in the Covenant's rear echelon. This included the business side of all this, buying and selling to the natives and others caught up in a war that spanned many systems. Mammon served as an accountant, banker, then handling the movement of money and trade for the millions scattered across dozens of worlds.

By the end of the Creation War, the Covenant victorious, Mammon was a banking genius to some, a cunning and unscrupulous financier to others. The drift to the latter continued with the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). In this war, part of a Covenant of another name, he was the top boss for all things money. When it was found he was siphoning money and riches for his own use, stashing these on Minauros and other Forge Worlds, he was forced into retirement. He was never out, just pushed into a less visible role. Mammon continued to handle financial matters for things unsavory to the morals of certain Covenant factions. It was during this time, that Mammon got to know Asmodeus. Mammon helped Asmodeus funnel money into his special projects, fighting the dirty side wars with the demons, and the building and equipping of the secret devil armies.

In the Trial of Asmodeus, Mammon and his boss Asmodeus were banished from the Mortal Systems, becoming Fallen Angels.

Mammon's rise to Cult Power happened on Bal-Kriav. His first followers were with the halflings of Nermanea. They were bankers, lenders, forgers, con-artists, schemers and others looking to take advantage of others for financial gain. His followers, having cornered the market on a number of goods, were eventually forced out. They went east where after the mercantile successes at Maurkac and Rabaranda they became the Nermanis Syndicate (712 - 923).

In the Hells system, Mammon oversees the affairs of the world of Minauros. He reports to Asmodeus. Over the epochs, Mammon's insatiable desire for wealth led to him becoming perhaps the richest person in the entire universe, the Lord of Riches. Spread all over, in numerous vaults, at the center of labyrinths or protected by great guardians, the treasures of Mammon are the reason for there being so many rogues and alien adventurers on Minauros.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+500 hit points as Minor Power
Modulating Energy+5 modulating energy damage for all attacks
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