Membersfour lizardfolk tribes
Period9 - 26

Tetramord was a military pact between forged between the four great lizardfolk tribes of northern Turgon. These were three Graagvrii tribes and one Vedvrii tribe. After a year of preparing, they went to war with the wood elves and the Kriavfahliil, their southern neighbors. Facing a horde of massive numbers, the elves forged the Phael pact, the two battling it out in the Phael-Tetramord War.

The alliance broke apart when Demogorgon's agents infiltrated the tribes, causing dissension and mistrust. At the time, Demogorgon had forces in Turgon, yet not of the quality and numbers of the Tetramord, with their battle-hardened soldiers, morale hardened from many victories. In the Year 26, the pact was dissolved. The lizardfolk victors of the Phael-Tetramord War did not fare well after, with most ending up killed, enslaved, or sent in chains down the Ungorth Reddik Road.