harbor walls of Ing-Serold
Founded14 Witchrite 301

Ing-Serold was founded by a powerful Tragaran tribe named the Burterinii. When they formed the Kingdom of Burterinii, the Burterinii family became its first royal family. Ing-Serold became the capital city of the kingdom.

In 999, Ing-Serold fell to the First Khazarkar Empire. On Gulimbor, the forces of the Burterinii were defeated, ending the Conclave War (995 - 999). Most of the city's population fled across the channel to Hargul. There they remained until they could be taken to the new settlements established along the northeastern coasts of Ma'Ohari.

The ruins of Ing-Serold are near the coasts of the Sea of Mourning. North of the ruins is the river Agallurân. Since the city didn't have a coastal harbor, this river's deep southern delta served as the port for Ing-Serold. The great stone doors that led into the city's river harbor are still intact.

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