RegionDhark Bolg
Ownerindependent city-state
Half-Illithid Vedrii5%
DeityIlsensine, Tiamat, Tarâk
Tradejewelry, adamantine, iron, weapons, armor
Founded21 Temporal 605

Aebilchunus is a subterranean city-state of Tiyaphis. It was founded in the First Epoch by Mîmêk driven from western Dhark Bolg by the Smizerak.

Aebilchunus lies on the western edge of the lava maze Sephu'phis. The citizenry live the areas distant from the active lava tubes and lakes of molten fire. There are canals that direct some of the smaller flows of lava into the city. These serve as heating and luxury for things like hot baths and forging implements of war.

The Goth-Dyvermoir are the most hated enemies of Aebilchunus. The reason for their enmity is resources and long history of slave trading. In the early part of the Second Epoch, Goth-Dyvermoir warred with the Mîmêk, Blutoids, and troglodytes. This conflict came about from mining operations beneath Goth-Dyvermoir's capital city Orias Vual. When the Asvard Fjoll came to power in Goth-Dyvermoir, they decided to take the ancestral homeland of the area's Mîmêk. This territory beneath Orias Vaul had been theirs since the fall of Varelay. The troglodytes became embroiled in the conflict when they began serving as mercenaries for the Mîmêk. The Mîmêk proved their mastery in sapping when they collapsed whole streets and towers in Orias Vual. After a decade of fighting, Goth-Dyvermoir had enslaved, killed, or driven off the Mîmêk and their mercenary contingents.

Many of Goth-Dyvermoir's slaves gained their freedom when illithids moved into Sephu'phis and begin infiltrating Orias Vual and stirring up unrest. With the aid of the illithids, there followed several slave uprising. Those that escaped their masters, made their way west and joined up with rebel groups.

The other reason for the continuing conflict between Goth-Dyvermoir and Aebilchunus are the rich gem and adamantine deposits of the area. Some of these mines have been active since the time of Varelay.

The Mîmêk are the masters of trade for Aebilchunus. The two biggest trading partners with this city-state are the surface empires Burterinii and Smizerak.

Two of the city's population groups come from the surface. The Blutoids come from Mughakh-Gol, and the empire's Half-Illithid Vedrii are a product of illithid bio-engineering. Most of the true Vedrii were either captured or purchased as slaves from the surface areas around Gurutharni and lake Styming

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