RegionHells Womb
Built15 Kindle 23

Built in the First Epoch, this fortress of petrified timber has long served as the home of hill giants, gnolls, hobgoblins, and trolls. These creatures have been a menace to the surrounding area for thousands of years. The place was built by a hill giant chieftain named Dalg-Stump. He claimed to be descended from one of Hettar's top generals, a massive hill giant named Dal-Gud. With the area Dalgs Sundering in the vicinity, Dalg-Stump became something of a myth. Many began to believe his heroic beginnings when he slew dragons, and was responsible for stalling the expansionist ways of Kal-Oni and Paradomea. In the Second Epoch, the chieftain of Dalg, a descendant of Dalg-Stump, forged a non-aggression alliance with Paradomea.

Dalg is massive stockade constructed of petrified timbers.

Dalg-Stump's bloodline continues in his feuding sons which are just as terrifying as his father.