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Tarbhunarâg is the capital of Daklode. It is sited in the Gakhs. The city is built into the northern face of a mountain called Himmerlade. The looming walls of Tarbhunarâg overlook the Tazundurka valley. The eastern walls of this imposing citadel stretch into the mountains and overlook the Arazandam valley. These walls are The Fussilad and guard the northern approaches of Tarbhunarâg from elven invasion. Both the frontal and eastern walls are part of the mountain behind them. They are sloped at 35 degrees and contain numerous barracks and compartmentalized batteries of cannons. Atop thirty similarly sloped towers in these 400' high wall are mortar batteries. Numerous decks reached by internal passages and stairs are spread about the walls at various heights. In times of peace, the batteries are covered by retractable roofs.

Train stations enter the city from the south, passing through the Himmerlade. The ancient mines beneath Tarbhunarâg have been turned into a vast labyrinth of streets, markets, living quarters and work areas. Numerous bridges span the canyons and rugged areas leading to Himmerlade. The bridges lead to mines, remote fortresses, villages, and to well-worn roads leading outside the Daklode kingdom.

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