Amaglothorns Breath

Iizus Yeldah
Period791 - 841

In 791, a white dragon named Amaglothorn opened a gateway to Chaos. This hole in the Web of Magic unleashed a blizzard on the lands south of Ice Tear. The blizzard lasted fifty years and came to be known as Amaglothorns Breath. It forever changed the valley Inzurakthol.

In addition to the snow and stormy weather, small ice flows spewed from Ice Tear like slow-moving snaky rivers. As they moved south, they coalesced into great glaciers. Inzurakthol's mountains and woodlands were swept with chilling winds, blizzards and glacial tracts that continually expanded southward. At the time, the most civilized denizens of mountain valley were clans of Turkûn and kriavian elves. Ten years into the storm, they began to migrate to areas outside of Inzurakthol. Their settlements back in storm-ravaged Inzurakthol were slowly buried under tons of ice and rock. Many dwarves migrated west to Siginzad. In this area, they would later form the dwarven empire Khamagurbun. The elves migrated west, settling in the Cartáricil forest. They would form the core of tribes that would become Tári Súrion.

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