Founded26 Bloom 454

Mannakhôr was founded in 454 by the First Khazarkar Empire and the Kingdom of Burterinii. It was to be a place where both peoples could live together and hopefully mend the wounds of centuries of conflict between the Tragarans and the Khazarkars. It did not work out well with both sides spying and intriguing on one another. After two decades, the First Khazarkar Empire took full control of the city relegating the Tragarns to least privileged status.

In the latter half of the First Epoch, Mannakhôr was a major learning center and only ocean port of the First Khazarkar Empire. The city had wide brick streets, large parks, and ornate statues and fountains along the thoroughfares. The dominant buildings of the city were the universities, libraries, and auditoriums. Many of these buildings were once richly adorned with Anûkh'grush Crystal. These many hued crystals were a trademark of the richer buildings of the First Khazarkar Empire.

During the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), the city was reduced to a ruin by devastating earthquakes and acidic rain. The countryside around the city was turned into a barren wasteland similar to the Broken Lands. After more than a thousand years, nature has restored much of the landscape around Mannakhôr.

Mannakhôr is sometimes called Screaming Gales for the fearsome storms of the area. Baying of shadow mastiffs, songs of harpies, and piercing wailing sounds of banshee are common sounds for those sailing along the coasts near this area. These sounds are the strongest near the many sea caves bordering the ruined harbor. Explorers of the area have encountered large numbers of harpies and banshee in the caves and ruins. The place became an area of note when explorers from the Khazarkar Empire recovered ancient texts concerning the history of Black Chariot.

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