Sky Isles of Holentur

Holentur a high forest of the Gul valley. It is dotted with hills. Above some of these hills are the area's "sky isles". These are floating islands of earth, rock, and other matter. Some of them are large enough to have small forests on them. The sky isles float at altitudes of 50' to a mile off the ground. The heights above the surface, sometimes change for "non-rooted" isles. Rooted isles are anchored to the ground by way of massive vines.

The Sky Isles of Holentur were created when Rilirthad miners began removing adamantine from the ground-level hills. The exploitation of this metal continued for nearly 250 years, leaving the area scarred with hundreds of holes. As the ground was loosened, ancient petrified trees were exposed. These petrified woods were of a mystical forest that existed here during the time of the Ethenoran.

This ancient woodland was once a magical woodland. In the Holentur War, one tree turned to stone with the death of each Ethenoran. By 222, the last of the magical trees had turned to stone.

- excerpt from the book - "Holentur Petrification"

As the old petrified wood were loosened, they began to float upward with a mass of earth and stone locked into their roots. Some were limited by the vines and roots attached to them, others just hung in the air above. These sky isles became refuges for flying creatures, even enterprising wizards made some their abode. From the bottoms of these chunks of land, roots began to grow downward, further anchoring them in place. The surfaces of these "rooted" isles soon flourished with vegetation and tree growth. Scattered about a cluster of these floating isles are the ancient ruins of the Ethenoran.

The vines anchoring the sky isles can be used to make a hide armor that is strong and durable. This armor is called Ethenoran Root Hide. Bimothak craftsmen are the main source for this exotic armor.

Magical amulets called Holentur Hooks were made from this area's adamantine. These magical devices were used to extend the duration of conjuration spells on summoned Earthen; making them last years instead of hours. Those wearing them became part of Tinnanguth's Earthen workforce.

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The Sky Isles of Holentur are similar to elemental motes. They differ in that they are buoyed by the magical dweomers left over from the petrified trees of Holentur.