Thrones War

Period751 - present
TheaterIgas, Anubeth
Cinderfall VS Artaxertus

The Thrones War is a continuation of the Nilkhâs Feud. When the siblings of this feud were nearing their mortal existence, neither wanted to see a stalemate, so they merged with their artifact thrones. The Pumice Throne, guided by the psyche of the great arch-mage Igacin controls the people of Cinderfall. Hundreds of miles west, the Glacial Throne and the psyche of the equally great mage Anube pulls the strings of Artaxertus.

The forces on both sides have deep trench lines, walls, and fortifications that cover the ever-shifting borders where the regions Anubeth and Igas meet. Not only do the borders change from victory and defeat, but also physically change with the ebb of battle. A volcano may rise from the center of a raging battle, destroying or scattering both sides, or a great glacier change course, driving back the Cinderfall's fiery legions.

We cannot continue this struggle with the Thrones and their minions for much longer. They grow stronger and we grow weaker. For ten years we have waged bitter war, with genocide on the minds of our enemies. We must pour all our resources into a ward that will contain Igacin and Anube. Something of this magnitude has never been done before. Collectively, we have the magical might and engineering to do what few others can.

- Zenduram Minutes, record on the Elemantum Boundary Ward