CategoryFallen Empires
Earth Elemental10%
Alignmentlawful, neutral
Reign340 - 817

In the Holentur War, Râpha-Sûn aggressively expanded into lands then claimed by the Ethenoran confederacy. One of the bases that came to prominence during this tumultuous time was Liope. It grew rapidly in the war. It was close to the action and centered on a confluence of roads and the river Antal. The river, though difficult to traverse, was an artery for communication and supplies to Râpha-Sûn. After the war, Holentur adamantine and Imsogrek copper turned Liope into a commercial rival. Sussgurd leaders, in a call to nationalism, proclaimed that the growing rivalry was only hurting the interests of the people. They said the Sussgurd should be competing against others, not their own. In 340, Râpha-Sûn seized on this fervor, helped by a Liope coup, they annexed their southern neighbor as a holding of the Tinnanguth Empire.

In the Karnegmoth interior, their relations were often friendly with the people of Agibandal and Akthol-Tharag. Tinnanguth ships out of Râpha-Sûn and other coastal holds traded far and wide. There Imsogrek Copper, later to be mined solely by earth elementals, could be found as far away as Ing-Serold.

Tinnanguth was an empire of Sussgurd. Many of them were driven to rebuild what they had lost under yoke of the Durkoth and the Saints of Maen; the latter the leaders of the Horgon Empire (159 HE - 537 HE). In the empire's first century, they employed magic on a scale that hadn't been seen since the founding of the Horgon Empire. They used conjuration magic, summoning in a lot of Earthen. These creatures, masters at working with stone, were put to work building engineering marvels, great spans over the Sap river, huge aqueducts to irrigate fields, and dug for riches in Holentur and Imsogrek. These Earthen, mostly earth elementals and a few thousand dao, were given amulets that made their stay on Bal-Kriav one of years instead of hours.

Tinnanguth had mining interest all over northern Karnegmoth. Some of their mines went deep into Bulâd-Gûla. In this Underdark region, they encroached upon the lands of the Galeb-Duhr. They battled Tinnanguth's elementals to no end. Nobody knows for sure, some say Geb gave them the secret, but the Galeb-Duhr found a way to break Tinnanguth's control over their elemental slaves. These magical devices, called Freedom Caltrops, thwarted the controlling sorcery, allowing dao, earth elementals and other Earthen to become "free-willed". This came at the cost of forever trapping these Granitoid natives on an alien world.

The freed dao built up their forces, even working with the Galeb-Duhr to free others. In 817 the dao and their Earthen freedom fighters, rose up against their masters in what became known as the Dao Insurrection. In six months, they brought down Tinnanguth. Many of the empire's Sussgurd were enslaved; and worse, forbidden to breed. The lucky few that escaped, made it to parts of southern Izagunbar.

After the fall of the Tinnanguth, the dao fought each other for control. This Dao Civil War lasted 23 years, ending with the rise of the Earthen empire Rilirthad.

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