Danzar-Khâl lays into the Master of Tides
CategoryHigher Powers
Racedwarf prototype
Alignmentlawful good
Symbolhammer and anvil
DomainCraft, Creation, Earth, Good, Law
Godhood6 War March 9491 GE

Danzar-Khâl came into being inside the core of the dead star Mithrallum. In the early years of the Dawn Era, a crack in this metal ball, an object of the Void over ten-thousand miles across, was the base of a group of rebels seeking to turn the seemingly infinite energies and matter of Chaos into something useful. Bruh Kreniik, the first dragon, and his confidants lurked in this place. The nature of Mithrallum, entirely composed of a metal that was named after it, mithril, was such that this group could not be detected while inside it. Inside this place, the rebels experimented on the energies that floated aimlessly about Chaos. Danzar-Khâl was one of those created here. At 10' tall, he is a much larger version of the Dulun-Khâl, a dwarven sub-race modeled after him. Like many of the early works of Creation, Danzar-Khâl was purpose-built, tasked with making use of the metal around them, turning it weapons and armor for a war that would soon come.

As Creationists, Danzar-Khâl and Bruh Kreniik are responsible for creating some of the first worlds. Uth Alok, the first world of the Mortal Systems was made in 485 DE by these two.

In 751 DE they forged the world Regulus from the raw energy of Chaos.

In 1385 DE, he created the world Moyawel and then in 1395 DE he created the world Ilabizdum. In the Creation War, a primordial named the Master of Tides sought to undo the work of creation. After destroying the world Moyawel, Bruh Kreniik and Danzar-Khâl teamed up and slew the beast.

In the Battle of Šadullu, Bal-Kriav, Silvanus and Danzar-Khâl battled the Nine-Tongued Worm. In this epic fight, they severed one of the tongues of this primordial monstrosity, sending the behemoth reeling back to Chaos.

In the Creation War, he brought two groups of dwarves to Bal-Kriav. The Akthol served as his warriors, and the Tharag his builders. Today, these people dwell in the western reaches of the Elephant Backbone. The likeness of these first dwarves to Danzar-Khâl is no accident, for they were created by him in the Dawn Era. Before he made the dwarves, he tried his hand at creating other sentient life forms like the Galeb-Duhr which came out crude. After conferring with Bruh Kreniik, the two came up with the idea of forging an implement that would impart some of Bruh Kreniik's wisdom on how to best create sentient life forms that weren't doomed to extinction. They made Danzar-Khâls Surveyor with this purpose and Danzar-Khâl used this legendary artifact to create the first dwarves - the Dulun-Khâl. A decade or so later, he created a fire-resistant dwarven race called the Furnal-Khâl. They were specifically made to handle the intense heat of the blutium rich region Nurak.

In the war with the primordials, Danzar-Khâl also battled the forces of Cari'phis. At the head of Vhurghad, he built the marvel Felân-Akthûl to counter the extreme cold emanating from Cari'phis's army staging grounds in the Malurn region.

In 9111 GE, Danzar-Khâl, Phalgas, and Athena slew the Nine-Tongued Worm.

On 6 War March 9491 GE, he relinquished his powers of Creation for divine power. Now a Higher Power, he was forced out of the Mortal Systems. He went to the Nawenglorûs system to start his church, beginning the process of spreading his faith and acquiring followers.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Akthol-TharagDivine Wreaths
Deep SixLast Saints of Gûn
Ivory Asylum
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+8,000 hit points as Greater Power
Modulating Energy+25 modulating energy damage for all attacks