Hollow of Tarsilja

Hadal One and others departing Throndar for the Hollow of Tarsilja
OpenedLost Ages

The Hollow of Tarsilja is a spatial gate piercing the moon Tarsilja. A machine of the Lost Ages, it functions like other rifts, transporting those that enter across the vastness of space in but an instant.

One of the more storied uses happened in 734. A persecuted people, Eenkai intellectuals of the world Throndar, used the Hollow of Tarsilja in their journey to a new home world. Passing through in their megalithic voidships, the Eenkai Void Pods, they left the Asteraoth System for the adjacent system of Quara'tun and its world of Gebs Rain.

The Hollow of Tarsilja is not a traditional rift. Some believe it to be ancient tech leftover from the Lost Ages.