N o r g t r u m Crypt of Zaris

ogres marching to meet the army of Crimson Eye
AliasesCrypt of Zaris
FounderOgre Lord Eneriyes
Founded6 War March 974

The settlement of Norgtrum, founded twenty years after the fall of Dumugon, was built as a challenge to the Orchish Empire. Toomrur under Ogre Lord Eneriyes, still bitter over abandonment of Dumugon in the First Ogre War, erected a series of forts and castles across Gudrall. The anchor of this line of fortifications became Norgtrum. It was built atop the highest hill of Gudrall and over-time came to cover the entire hill and an equally large area beneath it.

In 1802, Norgtrum became a holding of the Ogre Union.

Norgtrum was built by the Toomrur. It is not anything like what you would expect of ogres, like Dumugon, and others places they have built, it is a true fortress rivaling the great citadels of the Zeymah'kein.

- Drog, of Crimson Eye, from the war plans leading up to the Crimson Offensive - "The Norgtrum Citadel"

In the Battle of Gudrall (c.f. Crimson Offensive), the army of Crimson Eye sacked the place and slaughtered the inhabitants; giving no quarter to its garrison. Beanath the hilltop fortress they found a vast crypt. These burial chambers were once used by the Toomrur of the Rakkirst tribe. This tribe buried their shamans in this place and viewed the area as holy ground.

When the place was captured by Crimson Eye, they plundered the tombs and raised the ogre skeletons to serve in their growing armies. These atrocities set-off many curses that continue to follow Crimson Eye to this day.

On an expedition to the Abyss, the devil Bist murdered the long-time council member Zaris. Her remains were brought back and laid to rest in the ogre barrow alongside dead ogre shamans. This was done as a final act of spite by Junkel; another council member that had long been jealous of Zaris's growing power.

It wasn't long before the garrison of Norgtrum noticed disturbances and missing people. There were reports of a ghostly apparition terrorizing the guards and spooking the animals. The haunting spirit soon began to manifest spells and in less than a week unleashed terror on the place. Those that could not escape, were killed and turned into shadows, wraiths, spectres and other undead types.

The council questioned a few members that escaped the calamity of the place. One guard familiar with the faces of Crimson Eye's councilors, summed it up in three words "Zaris is back!".

A few sorties were made against what was becoming known among the troops as the Crypts of Zaris, but nothing could overcome the defenders and the frightening strength wielded by the ghost Zaris.

Fortunately for the denizens of the area, the inhabitants of the Crypts of Zaris could not leave the confines of the outer walls. Junkel and Drog shelled the place with cannon fire, reducing the fortress to ruins, only to see the undead residents re-build it in a matter of days.

In 1811, after seven years of haunting, Zaris and her army of undead left Norgtrum and joined forces with the Ogre Union.

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