Mîras-Sûr Mindsear

Built9 Kindle 830

Mîras-Sûr was a government sponsored psionic academy built by the Borillisk. In this place, deep in Barândîr, psions pooled their resources and created marvels of psionic engineering. Mîras-Sûr became the premier school for learning psionics. The school lasted for 112 years.

The school came to an end on 9 Dreamer 942. An egotistic headmaster attempted an audacious experiment involving all three hundred psions of the school. The top metaminds of the school used metaconcert and font of power to pool their resources and then attempted to turn darkness into daylight over the entire valley. The experiment destroyed the minds of everyone at the school and left so much psychic energy in the area that no creature, including sentient undead, can approach Mîras-Sûr without suffering increasingly damaging effects to their mind. Some adventurers have found ways to dampen the effects by using specially designed lead helmets. They say that even with this, the psionic ghosts, huge intellect devourers, thought slayers and other psionic horrors of Mîras-Sûr were far too powerful to defeat.

The psionic burn on this ruin is such that meeting a hostile psion uncarnate is very high in this area.

These days the place is better known as Mindsear, even though the official name is still Mîras-Sûr.

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