Council Of Stone

LeaderLherzolite-Tun IV
FormedYear 845

The Council of Stone is the governing body of Rilirthad. It is comprised of twenty Dao senators. A large staff of tasked genies serves these senators. There are administrators, deceivers, harem servants, warmongers, slayers, messengers, miners and numerous other types of tasked genies under the power of each dao senator.

Dao Khan

Dao Khan is the title taken by Rilirthad's dictator. This Dao Khan is served by the Council of Stone.

A dozen guardian genies serve as the Dao Khan's personal bodyguard. These creatures are also his closest advisers and have the ear of the Khan. They are all castrated; a practice that began with Rilirthad's first Dao Khan, Sal'rurg the Castrated. The dao are castrated to keep them from indulging in the pleasure's of the khan's extensive harem.

The much-feared slithermorphs, beasts that change between black pudding and lizards, enforce the will of the Khan. These assassins stalk the back streets of Rilirthad's holds, moving between the many dominions along the Khan's Passages. These creatures are a product of Drachmon, a mad experiment that infused his blood into giant Underdark lizards.

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