Kuo-toa Whip
RegionFaeglor, Miryeril
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesBlibdoolpoolp, Kezgihr
Established19 Hollow 9481 GE

Âkhi is the oldest kuo-toa empire of Brucrumus's Underdark. The kuo-toans of this empire are descendants of those created in the God Era by a primordial aberration named Blibdoolpoolp. This powerful being was not a Creationist, so to gain followers (in hopes of becoming a god following the Rules of Divine Governance), she sent her underlings forth capturing various species and then having them tossed into the spawning pools of Blibdoolpoolp Bosom. In the shallows of this lake, mostly grimlock soldiers in the service of Tarâk, were cast into the mutative ichor of giant entropic pools where they suffered the agony of being transformed into the first kuo-toans. When Blibdoolpoolp became a Higher Power she was force to leave the Mortal Systems as required by the Rule of Divine Governance. With her departure, the entropic pools lost much of their energy and their power to convert humanoid species into kuo-toa. Upon her departure, Blibdoolpoolp put a final touch on them by turning them into intra-system rifts called the Toadoolp Twists. The first settlement of the transformed kuo-toan was Oomkaan. This city-state and later capital of the Âkhi empire have used the Toadoolp Twists to spread colonies across the central regions of Brucrumus's Underdark. They also use them for long range raiding and slaving. As an empire, Âkhi limits its population. Extra population are periodically expelled as new colonists or killed if they resist being kicked out.

Early in the Horgon Era, Âkhi backed fomorian rebels in the capture of the Aslauthroa stronghold Harkmaer. For much of Aslauthroa's existence, Âkhi used subversive tactics against this Titan Empire, with both vying for control of the rich Underdark lands of Chaexidor.

In 1612 HE, Âkhi slavers made their way to the surface where they captured a group of Rôzadruk's wood elves. One of these prisoners was a vampire servant to the Blood Cults of Kezgihr.

I was sent to Rôzadruk to spread the blessing of Kezgihr (meaning turn someone into a vampire) in any group that I could work my way into. I had only recently befriended a group of nomadic wood elves, so this capture ended my chance of turning them. We were split up, imprisoned, enslaved, and some said to have been eaten. In the deeps of Chaexidor, I found others to take the blessing, a few chosen Âkhi bath in the red glory of Kezgihr.

- Armion, master of Bamus Sithral - "Âkhi Blood Brothers"

Âkhi has went through dozens of vampire scourges. Several times, it resulted in an empire headed by a blood cult vampire or an entire conclave of them. In the case of the vampire lord Antagore, a tyrant more bloodthirsty than power hungry, it would reduce the population to a quarter in under a decade. Other vampire leaders have proved quite successful in running the empire while keeping the population growing. To date, none of these vampire reigns have lasted more than a century with foreign agents often coming in and ridding the empire of its vampiric leadership.

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