Founded11 Brightstar 2620 LE

Merorarg is a river city in the heart of the Vetoubahr Sector. It straddles the Mern where all manner of craft move back and fro between the two sides of the city. Traffic is also heavy on this deep river with ships coming and going from the Thrawkrall Bay. The southern side of the city backs up to mine dotted hills of Pugad. Here the area is thick with fortifications protecting the city's southern flanks and the passages leading deep, the Pugad Dig.

Merorarg was founded in the cataclysmic years of the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE). Several thousand Yarrokhal refugees, mostly Tragarans, fleeing the ravages of the demon empire Varelay went south. They traveled subterranean passages and waterways, helped along the way by the charitable people of Garâl-Thûru. At the time a city-state, Garâl-Thûru was also threatened by Varelay. Yarrokhal's refugees did not remain long in the darkness below. They made their way to the surface founding a settlement on Mern's southern banks.

By the middle of the Horgon Era, Merorarg had grown into a wealthy city-state, Azrik's commercial hub. From its river ports, goods from inland cities like Gatiranda were able to send their goods on Merorarg's ocean bound vessels to distant lands.

In the First Epoch, the Year 339, Merorarg and Gatiranda joined together under the Niratar Theocracy. Long time commercial rivals, the union of the two cities was undesired by the merchant guilds; yet needed to contest the Khazarkar's growing might under the Kingdom of Adumul.

In 816, fourth year of the Pugad War (812 - 817), Merorarg fell to Bâlê's army. Those lucky to escape the city made their way east to Moredhel's bulwarks, into Niratar lands.

In 945, Merorarg replaced Bâlê as Ba'lith's capital. This was done solely out of preservation, with the empire's southern borders under constant attack by rampaging Hive Swarms.

In the Domination Wars (995 - 1016), Merorarg saw an influx of refugees out of the Niratar Theocracy. In this war, relations between Niratar and Ba'lith were strong. They both disliked the First Khazarkar Empire, with the minotaurs once having been slaves to them, and the Rogue States suffering from the Khazarkar magocracy's desire to bring all of Gulimbor under their rule. As result of the conflicts and the ensuing magical cataclysm, Merorarg and other cities of Azrik became home to thousands of Tragarans.

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