Fall of Stygnhild

BelligerentsOgre Lord Golthess

Jafknarri Groi is a road cutting down the Diiv Prok cliffs. The Jafknarri stone giants built this road over a span of six decades, following a groove in the petrified body of Golruwyrm. One legend says that this groove is a mortal wound suffered by Golruwyrm in her fight with the twin primordial lords Morterand and Mordemin.

Up until the Fall of Stygnhild, this only road up or down Diiv Prok was blocked by the Jafknarri stone giants. In the Toomrur migration from the Aerie of Dragons to Thingrorn, the ogres suffered badly when they tried to force passage. They retreated west, with dozens dropping from the desert heat or being devoured by primordial sand worms. The Toomrur under Ogre Lord Khadon found another path out of the desert, forcing passage through Abazuddan, taking out hobgoblins tribes along the way, and claiming the young and non-combatants as slaves.

In the First Epoch, the Ogre Lord Golthess is credited for being the first to outflank the Jafknarri. She came down Jafknarri Groi with her main force, and then sent out mountaineers to cover the flanks of the advance. It was slow-going but after four months of steady advance, Toomrur rangers were pushing behind stone giant positions. The final onslaught came when Golthess rappelled down a seemingly unclimbable spire into the enemy leader's position. She attacked quickly, using her obsidian daggers to slice open both of his calves, crippling him. Golthess then fled the boulders coming at her and the stabs of Stygnhild's personal guards. Before she got away Stygnhild used his magical helm to blast her with a cone of sand and bones. This was not enough to slow her though, whereupon she escaped the dangerous position by swinging out from the ridge on the same rope she rappelled down. She was hit again by a boulder, shattering her shoulder, yet with the same broken arm she blew the Horn of Ez'ginn signaling an attack on all fronts. This was the start of the battle Fall of Stygnhild. It ended two days later with the death of Stygnhild. As part of the peace treaty between them, the Jafknarri had to give up two dozen children for service and allow passage of Jafknarri Groi by anyone paying a reasonable toll.