Mulinburam War

Ice Cap - Fjorvir
Period82 - 86
TheaterIce Cap
Khalas-Tûr VS Malad-Mîn

The Turkûn and Goliath of Khalas have had long periods of peace and long periods of war. In these conflicts, goliath victory was often won by "human sea" with them outnumbering their enemy 20:1. Dwarven victory was typically by ruse and strong defense. They would wear the enemy down by prolonging the conflict, forcing the enemy to attack their fortifications, and taking minor losses compared to the besieger.

You can fight a war without lifting your sword or sending your soldiers off to Valhalla. Follow the path of Lukoon, and think of the opponent's weakness, and then plant the seed - a good charm goes a long way.

- Lukoon, from the prayer - "Rite of Beguile"

The Mulinburam War was instigated by the Gamakkhazar. A group of Azwyr Amoruk priests in this empire used an artifact to take command of ancient ghost kings and then have them take control of goliath chieftains. In the Year 81, the Azwyr Amoruk of Ice Cap, friends of neither the Goliath or the Turkûn, found an ancient dragon orb called the Charm of Razalannas. They used this artifact (or were used by it) to take control of a number of Mulinburam. They sent these ghost kings into the tribes of the goliath to spy on them and then take control of the ones making the decisions for the tribe - this was not always the barbarian chief, it could be his wife, concubine, or some other person or group pulling the strings. After taking control of three of the top goliath leaders and several other important figures, they had them rally the other tribes to a common cause - the destruction of Malad-Mîn. In the Year 82, the goliath formed the Khalas-Tûr confederacy and went to war with Malad-Mîn. Years, later for their part in starting the conflict, the war became known as the Mulinburam War.