Fountain of Unity
Earth Giant2%
Stone Giant1%
Founded11 War March 801

By the end of the Great Minotaur Revolt (785 - 796), minotaurs had won their freedom from the First Khazarkar Empire. In Azrik, they broke into two groups. The more peaceful minded, those looking to build a civilization of their own, went north. The warmongers, considering the building part to be too slow, went south where in 798 they built Bâlê. Three years later and three hundred miles to the north, Ilfongrak was built overlooking a great fjord.

During the Domination Wars (995 - 1016) and then the Gulimbor Cataclysm, Ilfongrak became the new home for thousands of Tragaran refugees. They joined a city then populated by minotaurs and some earth and stone giants.

While their southern neighbor, having become the Ba'lith Empire by conquest, got entangled in the Horn Tusk Conflict (1023 - 1467), they turned to nation building, establishing strong trade relations with overseas empires. This brought in an influx of Gimrune from Angvild Isle. They were drawn here by state sponsored explorations into Gulimbor and excavations of places laid low in the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203).

The aggression of the their southern neighbor, growing stronger by the year, led to the establishment of the Torgilm Confederacy (1475 - 1719).

In 1672, the signing of the Treaty of Droorlow recognized territorial boundaries of the north and south. Ba'lith took claim of all territory south of Droorlow and east of the Ezdynn River. Ilfongrak gave up the fortress Marmarath and committed to helping Ba'lith with their bug problem - the Locust Encroachment (1412 - 1694). This help was the construction of the Sonic Horns along Ba'lith's southern border.

In 1719, Ba'lith's armies captured Ilfongrak, heart of the Torgilm Confederacy. Technically, they were knocked out of the Brothers Enmity War (1697 - 1723). On paper this was true, but a long guerrilla war was to follow.

The conquerors built the Fountain of Unity at the city's gates. This bull shaped statue serves as a monument to the union of all minotaurs of Azrik under one nation.

Ilfongrak is home to many different races, minotaurs, earth giants, stone giants, bugbears, Maleraunts, and Tragarans. The Maleraunts began arriving with the fall of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk (1807). Driven from Bloodtusk's former holds, used to the comforts of civilization, most bypassed their ancestral homelands in the Kilth Mountains. They went south to Azrik, a place where stories of glory, war and loot were becoming very common.

Before they were reduced and replaced by the Church of Asmodeus, the city held temples to Naraz-Nâru and Poseidon.

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