Sken Drog Chained Lord

RegionsAerie of Dragons, Adunamar
AliasChained Lord
Created5 Temporal 9250 GE
Hiznaar GozYol Skerah

In the Hoof Front, Orcus found a way to get a Progeny of Baltalas from its home world Muspelheim to Bal-Kriav. Once on this world, the beast broke out of Ghak and then melted a path to the surface. It rampaged westward, cutting a path through any demons it encountered and then to the lines of the angelic armies under Bahamut. They gave the creature a wide berth, luring it to a rift. The dim-witted brute fell into the trap where it was then buried under tons of rock, all by the hands of Geb and his army of earth elementals . Bahamut then sealed the rubble with a breath that joined the rubble into a seamless mound. He left a chimney so that the creature Geb named Kerath could unleash its anger in the form of molten rock, ash, and smoke. Atlas forged chains to keep Kerath from breaking free and wrecking havoc among the realm's fledgling mortal civilizations. These chains are the Kerath Anchors.

Inside the northwestern-most volcano of Hiznaar Goz is the chained primordial Kerath. The most commonly used place name for the area is the Draconic words Sken Drog, meaning Chained Lord. This living volcano, has been erupting in anger for thousands of years, only easing when it replenishes its energy from conduits to Muspelheim. The baked lands of Kii Paagol, south and east of the volcano, are the product of Kerath's seemingly eternal anger.