RegionIce Cap
Founded14 Temporal 27 HE

Bazud-Ganal was founded as a trading center for the Turkûn clans living in the highlands overlooking Dunzakh. It served as a neutral ground for those settling their differences and became a central market for the clans and sometimes the goliath tribes of the area. It grew from all the trade coming through it, becoming the first dwarven city of Ice Cap. By 300 HE, the wealth and greatness of this city led to goliath jealousy and yearning to have its riches. They raided the areas around it and attacked it many times. In 312 HE, a multi-tribe goliath army sacked the city. They held it for two days, and then the dwarves returned. They poured into the city from the sewers and other Underdark access points. This ended up being a total surprise to the goliath, for they were at the height of a victory revelry, with many too drunk to fight or passed out. The dwarves captured or killed nearly the entire goliath army. They were put into the prison mines of Akgin-Dûn for a period of no less than ten years. Bazud-Ganal ransomed some of the goliath back to their families and kept others as protection from reprisals.

Our great chieftain Bjalprek, slayer of the great white wyrm Bjalprek, taking his name to honor him, blessed by dragon's magic, Gate Breaker of Bazud-Ganal spent his last years as a prisoner in the black mines of Akgin-Dûn. He ended up dying in that god-forsaken place, catching the black fever, and spitting up his guts. They say when he died, he breathed a cloud of white vapor, the dragon blessing given to him by the wyrm Bjalprek. Many of our brothers used this fog to gain their freedom and tell the tale of the mines and how the spirit of Bjalprek saved them before going to Valhalla.

- Zahal, goliath shaman - "Legend of the Great Chieftain Bjalprek"

When the dwarven clans were united under King Shiglâb-Kûr, Bazud-Ganal became the capital of the newly minted empire Malad-Mîn.

In the Year 83, halfway into the Mulinburam War, Bazud-Ganal fell for the last time to the goliath armies of Khalas-Tûr.

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