Hlothangi Insurgency

Period740 - 746
TheaterNorthern Hordelands
Belligerentscivil war - Drugnod Dynasty

This civil war started with the gnoll tribes of Hlothangi. The tribes of this area felt marginalized and all but forgotten by the elites of Kennel and Broken Teeth. They were squeezed economically by the major landowners and merchants and felt helpless before the high courts of Kennel. In 740, they and many other tribes rose up against the Drugnod Dynasty, starting a civil war.

Near the beginning of 745, the Drugnod family were faced with an even greater threat than the insurgency in the countryside. This came in the form of vampires taking control of leading members of society. Those behind this subterfuge was an ancient cult of vampires called the Widows of Modrerthim. They were preparing the way for those that would soon come to claim the souls of Drugnod's daughters, thus full-filling the Drugnod Pact their grandparents made three centuries earlier with Demogorgon.

Most of the Drugnod family had no idea about the Drugnod Pact. Those that did know about it, the Kashu'khas, were quick to make their escape. Kashu'khas who were also Drugnod, were not so lucky. In 746, the insurgency and the soul collecting by the Widows of Modrerthim brought an end to the Drugnod Dynasty.