War of the Three Queens

Period601 - 603
TheaterAzrik, Gulimbor, Ma'Ohari
Cal-Thaoun Dynasty
Niratar Theocracy
MapTheatre of Operations

In the sixth century of the First Epoch, three very charismatic sisters of the Burterinii bloodline were rulers of three different empires. They were extraordinarily beautiful, touched by the gods it is said. This beauty, coupled with intelligent and cunning made them effective rulers, yet each had characteristics that would lead to problems. Called the Three Queens, only one ruled a kingdom. Queen Bleeberghast was the fickle, chaotic ruler of the Burterinii Empire. Her reign was one of high corruption, lawlessness and aggression to her neighbors.

Sanglamore, the oldest and wisest sister, was a high priest serving Athena. Deemed a favorite of Athena, she was seen as the true power of the Niratar Theocracy. Following in the ways of Athena, she was the most lawful of the sisters, the "Good Queen", one of freedom and righteousness. She worked to bring her sister Sarquiness back from darkness, and the other, Bleeberghast, back from entropy.

"Queen Sarquiness" headed the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty. She was the youngest and most vain of the trio. She ruled by an iron hand, imposing rigid laws, where power was held by might and wit. Sarquiness ruled lands along the coasts, coveting the bountiful valleys of her sister Sanglamore. Urged on by her younger brother Lokuto, Sarquiness started a war with Sanglamore. Seeking to maintain the status quo among the three empires, Queen Bleeberghast (a nickname, her real name was Blesbanna) joined the conflict helping whenever the status quo was being upset by one's victory.

Legend has it that each of the Queens foresaw their death in the current conflict. They did not know when or how they would die, only that they would die somewhere in Moredhel. The Queens, seeing that in death their cause would end, decided to create mighty artifacts that would carry their fight on beyond the grip of death. Each summoned the same head wizard of the Burterinii family. This was a neutral advisor, and a Chronos adherent, that served no side, accessible to anyone of the Burterinii bloodline. This mage had three blades forged of superb workmanship, and then imbued with great powers. Upon their death, the weapon was magicked so that it would capture the soul of its wielder.

A year after their premonitions of certain death, premonitions said to have been planted in their heads by agents of Chronos, the Three Queens fought a great battle in the Moredhel Valley. Sanglamore and Sarquiness were slain. On hearing the news of the deaths of her two sisters, Queen Bleeberghast took her own life. Upon their deaths, the souls of the Three Queens were absorbed into three powerful swords. The war ended, and thereafter, the peoples of the three empires made peace and their lands prospered. The legacy of the war lives on in the three swords - Bleeberghast, Sanglamore, and Sarquiness. Legend has it that the three queens never crossed blades in the war and that the three swords can never be brought within sensory range of each other or be unerringly teleport away.