Giant Bombardment
RegionClans, High Wood Country
MapKhizunul Mountains

Khizunul is the southern arms of the Shoulders of Naraz-Nâru. From the west, the Khizunul mountains begin near the coasts overlooking the Nielalroch Sea. In the far west they descend into sector Taurelin. Khizunul's spires are tall spear-like peaks with many cuts, ravines, and canyons.

In the east, the peaks are home to stone and earth giants, going west you come upon more and more dwarven settlements until reaching the heart of the Hjalmarbrodd empire. In these areas of high population a black pall hangs over the valleys and peaks. This pall of smoke is the result of heavy smelting, mining operations, and busy railroads. The railroads are part of the rail network Kibar-Kûn. In the lower elevations around lake Bul there are hundreds of gnoll tribes. These are descendants of Yeenoghu's armies that were driven out of the area in the Demon Spawn War.