Typeundead, cursed

The Mulinburam are powerful dwarven ghosts that dwell in the depths under Khalas. Each ghost was once a king of the Azwyr Amoruk. Due to a powerful curse, these kings are destined to rise as a ghost and terrorize their former subjects. In the beginning they tried to burn the bodies and crush the bones into powder, but soon thereafter it had reformed where it had fallen. They tried to dump the powered bones in rivers or spread it on the winds of Khalas, but each time the body reformed as if waiting for a proper burial befitting a king. The Azwyr Amoruk return to the custom of interring their kings in an underground maze with crypts and innumerable passages scattered across a vast area. This crypt maze is called Arakkhalgam. The dwarves have been building this crypt maze for over a thousand years and continue to add to it so the next king has a place to be imprisoned.