Gibil-Nâru Soldier preparing for battle

In 760, the Gibil-Nâru clan cut ties with the Kingdom of Phlehorn; the result of Phlehorn's not allowing in the Church of Ares. The Gibil-Nâru, some say not completely by choice, were die-hard followers of Ares; the result of quarrying Whiteblood for seven centuries.

In the Siguzilbak forest near Whiteblood mountain they added other warmongering clans. The warring nature of the Gibil-Nâru is often attributed to their use of Whiteblood Crystal. Priests of Danzar-Khâl, the primary dwarven god of the Clans region, say this crystal is a lure, treated by Ares to make followers out of those who use it in battle.

With the end of the Sixth Siguzilbak War (776 - 784), the Gibil-Nâru formed the Fargimdal Monarchy.