RegionTribe Steppes
Founded1 Brightstar 2221 DE

Marakellûth was built in the Creation War by forces under the Covenant leader Iphæyûs. It was founded on the northwestern shores of the Baying Lake. In the Creation War, it was a base of operations against Geb's marauding armies. Faced with stone titans, earth giants, earth elementals, and primordial monstrosities, Marakellûth's walls and towers were built very tall and thick.

In the Demon Spawn War, sector Sava'loth was left unopposed to the demon advance. This was part of Asmodeus's grand military strategy to hold some but not all of the Brucrumus's battle sectors. Troops under under the demon lord Demogorgon ransacked the place, desecrating sites dedicated to the heroes of the last war. They turned the place into a supply depot for their advance north towards the armies of Avandra in the Great Expanse. At the end of the war, the Covenant victors cleaned, repaired, and then abandoned Marakellûth. They left it to the wild because at the time the area was deemed unsuitable for any mortals trying to start a civilization.

In 544, disenfranchised Rúmil elves came to the ruin and settled. A year later it became the capital of Ithendelt. In 799, the Ithendelts were forced to abandon the city. This came about from roving bands of jara that kept farmers from tending their fields. After the elves left the place, nature again overtook the ruin. Today, it is the abode of evil creatures, with the most common being leucrotta, displacer beasts, coctatrice, and medusae.

Civilization Tree
Nawirrûs Covenant