The 222 Non-Arcane Class of 868

Gimâlthâr of The 222, wizard governor
Typefreshmen class
AliasNon-Arcane Class of 868
EstablishedYear 868

The 222 were a group of mage initiates from the Khirêl Tâmândêth, better known to outsiders as the Arcanums. Each year at the Arcanums, the professors cull the freshmen class. They evict those lacking the skill to progress beyond a Prestidigitator. Those that had the state paying their tuition, are required to serve in the military until they pay them back. This is a very old practice dating as far back as Volgad and an honored tradition. It gives many the choice of not going on even if they have the aptitude for some may want to pursue other interests like becoming a merchant, farmer, or whatever.

In 868, two hundred and twenty two freshmen were blocked from continued learning at the Arcanums. They were sent off to basic training at fort Bânârmôn. They never reached the place, instead being waylaid at what became known as the Battle of Ahi Nute. This battle came about from a sever in the Elemantum Boundry Ward. This gap in the rift allowed a force of fire giants and their hell hound packs to break out into the Indûrbathuk valley. They snuck across the valley, sleeping by day, traveling by night, bypassing all Giruk strong points and utterly wiping out any patrols they came across.

It had been over a decade since the last opening in the ward, so the long period of peace led to some commanders and personal letting their guard down and thinking that the Throne's minions were as good as dead.

- Îbelkazgôn, from Vol 2 of Giruk Battle Manuals - "Battle of Ahi Nute"

When the giants attacked Ahi Nute in the early hours of 16 War March, the 222 former students of Khirêl Tâmândêth were asleep or awake and preparing for the last leg of their journey to fort Bânârmôn. In the ensuing battle, what they lacked in basic training and arcane skill, they made up in numbers. The battle reports said they concentrated their magic missiles on anything that seemed to be a sergeant or better or showed toughness beyond the normal. Even with their numbers, they could not beat all the attackers with their small allotment of spells. Some of the 222 died from counter spells from enemy casters and tactical uses of the physical mirror spell which sent their magic missiles back upon them.

In basic academy, you learn of the military tactics of Artaxertus and those of Cinderfall. This includes things like their prevalent use of magic and battle mages and priests that accompany every Cinderfall platoon and shamans and anti-paladins that accompany every Artaxertus one. You also learn that they follow the Thrones and will never yield except to betray you at first chance. The Thrones are what drives them, and they instill an appreciation of and use of magic that is found nowhere else among their kind across Midrêth and perhaps all of Bal-Kriav.

- Zenîr-Kardas, of The 222 - "Battle Learning"

The 222 saved Ahi Nute from falling. Over the next two days, Giruk forces moved up the valley and reinforcements came to their aid from Izennâte. The fire giants and their hounds were wiped out and Ahi Nute relieved. The only ones left in the garrison were wounded soldiers and those defending them, 42 Arcanum freshmen of what had been 222. They were showered with such praise, honor and respect that they became something of a legend. Of the 22, half went back to the Arcanums to continue their studies and of these two went on to become wizard governors of Tamlêrran.