RegionHells Womb

Gwaeldior is a temperate forest of Hells Womb. Beginning north of the Mynzuth Hills, its stretches north to the foothills of Gathol and the Ogre Steps. In the Horgon Era, it was the southern edge of the Nárfaltuin Forest. With the spread of civilizations, it was reduced from logging and farming.

Gwaeldior is claimed by the Celebriäns. The western part of Gwaeldior is their home. It is peopled by Kriavian Elves, Forstneblin, centaurs, and many types of fey. This civilized side begins at the river Foronir and west to the Gelugon Range. Beginning on the opposite side of the river all the way to the Mynzuth hills and lake Girâmar is Gwaeldior's wilder part. It is the hunting grounds for unfriendly fey, bands of Pixie, green dragons, and various rebel factions that are always fighting for or against somebody in the area. They could be working for the Council of Bile, Paradomea, Surticon, Celebriän, the Orchish Empire and other smaller groups. The Celebriän do not police the area, they leave it as a buffer state between their sometimes hostile neighbors. As a result, the area became a haven for bandits and other lawless types. Whenever some group gets too big or entrenched, then the Celebriäns come in, or hire a mercenary company, to take them down a notch.

Like Sorrow Pass, this forest is a graveyard, littered with half-buried bones, rusting and rotting implements of war. There have been many battles and some big wars fought in this area. The most recent was the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). It is said the Dead Council added close to 20,000 skeletons to their army as they moved through the area on their way to the Lands of Purity. These were bones from innumerable battles that have raged here since the glory days of Kal-Oni. The rise of this empire destabilized the entire region, forcing the orcs north beyond Sorrow Pass in what became known as the Arduous March (1041 - 1096). When the Orchish Empire was established, they were frequently on the war path down the Sorrow Pass and sometimes deep into Gwaeldior, adding their dead and those of their enemies to the forest floor.