Ghadbakh is a very large hobgoblin tribe that came to prominence in the First Epoch. Northwest of them were the Gimhak. Based out of the Torengrarg mountains, the Ghadbakhs claim they built Matak from all the plunder and economy that came from their battles with Gimhak's "tunnel beards."

In the Second Epoch, the Githirmil under one who would become known as the Ageless Emperor, pushed north into Grashakh. These out of and these mountains up until the arrival of the Orchish Empire. When the Fograth captured Matak, they took control of the entire area around the city. Two centuries of insurgency followed. In the start of the Gimhak War (1475 - 1503), Ghadbakh leaders signed a treaty with the Orchish Empire leading to more autonomy; with Matak becoming a vassal city-state.