Galzaras Watch Galzaras Lingraav

Galzaras Watch
RegionHells Womb
AliasGalzaras Lingraav
Built27 Temporal 1506 HE

In Lok Kreniik's western foothills, is an ancient edifice built during the time of the Zeymah'kein. It was built for science, studying the Void, the weather, and other phenomenon.

At 750' tall, Galzaras Watch is the tallest humanoid made structure in the region. It was built with the aid of Trudnar's fire giants, the tower's great blocks sealed by Fyrreid artificers. The tower gets its name from the wood elf engineer who designed it. She built it atop one of the area's plant plateaus, towering masses of vegetation with tangled roots and vines, interlocked plants and trees, filled with ages of dirt and debris.

Galzaras Watch is home to the Nil Koraaviik and others interested in the sciences. A fanatical sect of monastic psionicists and monks also make this place their home, protecting the astronomers and the civilians from the region's hostile elements.

The Carthun Road passes by Galzaras Watch. Caravan traffic and the growth of schooling at Galzara, led to a town spreading out from its walls. The town is called Batillap. Taxes are very high in this town, purposely stifling its growth. It has remained neutral to the conflicts around it.

The annual Stellar Debates are held at Galzaras Watch.

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