CategoryHigher Powers
RaceDevil (Archdevil)
Lord of the Second9414 GE - present
Fallen Angel9414 GE - present
Alignmentlawful evil
SymbolFiendish Claw Emerging from a Cloud
Born16 Saunas 8039 DE

In the God Era, Dispater was a planetar general serving under Asmodeus. He fought in the Demon Spawn War along with many other angels and gods. On one military mission, he went to Orcus's home world. It was an operation to draw him and his forces away from Naratyr. While most of the demons were away, a team got into Orcus's citadel, stealing the Anvil of Ongruxiel.

Dispater is a very cautious individual, favoring a strong defense over an offense. It was because of this that Asmodeus, then Supreme Commander of Covenant forces, assigned him tasks of designing defenses against the demons and securing rear areas. One of the great fortifications that he designed on Bal-Kriav is a network of defenses called the Viiz Bo Rei.

On 3 Lunar 9414 GE, at the Trial of Asmodeus, Dispater and others were found guilty of building a secret army and illegally using a Well of Afterlife. The first secret army, and those that followed, were the first devils, made from psyches not above using dirty methods to win.

On Bal-Kriav, there are a few cults following the whims of Dispater. Beyond these, his influence on this realm is insignificant - yet growing.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
KangjaldDispaters Concubines
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+500 hit points as Cult Power
Modulating Energy+5 modulating energy damage for all attacks