In the tribal days of the khazarkars, a tribe named Kazanîr ("river dwellers") inhabited the eastern part of Mirush. For defensive purposes, they built their villages in the river, held aloft by stilts or piles of rocks. In the wetlands of Tarmagân, these villages were either built on stilts or atop vast patches of shambog.

When the khazarkars started consolidating under chieftains, which usually involved the merging of several tribes, they began identifying themselves with a first name and usually took their tribal name as a last name. In cases of inter-tribal marriage, they would take the last name of one of the families, or in cases where the two families could not come to terms, a new family name would be established in some way to honor both families.

In their early history, the Kazanîr raided the settlements of other Khazarkar tribes and those of the Tragarans. In the beginning these raids were carried out by canoes, but later as their fortunates and technology grew, they were done with galleys.

By the start of the First Khazarkar Empire, the Kazanîr were concentrated in and around Akann'ndâb. They gained their wealth as heads of shipping companies and building ships for the empire's navy. At the time, this navy only plied the inland waterways of Marninnoth.

In the Year 360, Sagayân Kazanîr became the leader of the First Khazarkar Empire. He was the only terrant to ever hold such a title. He claimed this right to rule by force, rather than bloodline. His rule only lasted six years, but it put the Kazanîr name in the history books for all eternity.

As the empire grew, the businesses of the Kazanîr expanded to the seas. During the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), their ships helped shuttle the Khazarkar population from Gulimbor to Cinazan. Kazanîr warships and sailors also saw action in the disastrous Battle of Satheon.

When the Khazarkar Empire re-established themselves in Cinazan, the Kazanîr turned to protecting the empire's water-borne trade lanes. In the Third Epoch, Kazanîr's shipping companies held a monopoly on the trade passing along the Avalninâth.

For the last century, most of the family has resided in and around Sakarumân. When this city fell in the Cinazan Front, the Kazanîr moved to Nirzanâth.

Notable Personages
Anâth Kazanîrsociologist of the Second Epoch, Superior Beliefs
Nîmar Kazanîrsociologist of the First Epoch, Master Race
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