RegionAerie of Dragons
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesBahamut, Thjorygg, Talos, Zhusalax
Founded22 Bloom 1610 HE
MapLok Gevild

Kel'gah was founded by Piamauza fleeing a civil war that was destined to bring down the Mir'piamauza Empire. These refugees went northeast, as far away as they could without ocean-going craft, settling on the northern coasts of Lok Gevild. The location they picked was a good one because they were soon to learn that they had picked a site near the Ikin Sath fishery. In the God Era, this area was a major source of food for the forces of Tiamat fighting in the First Dragon Wake(9251 GE - 9269 GE), so much so that they held out in Lok Gevild while besieged from three great land armies, one in the air and one in the sea for three years. They were never in want of food, only succumbing by a concerted assault by overwhelming numbers. The Ikin Sath fishery had been forgotten by civilized peoples since that war, but when re-discovered by refugees of the Mir'piamauza Civil War (1608 HE - 1612 HE) it led to the revival of Piamauza civilization in the Aerie. When the Kel'gahs took to the seas, they found Ikin Sath and gathered bountiful amounts of fish, so much so that turned salted fish into a major export. In the First Epoch, arcane engineers of Kel'gah created the first refrigeration ships allowing the export of frozen fish. The seemingly endless supply of fish coming out of Kel'gah led to strong population growth and commerce.

In Kel'gah, even beggars feast like nobles for each is quite heavyset. Their pleas of charity are done to get more ale or support a Ragnorak addiction.

- Mago, head chef of House Kasso'tzor - "Fish Fat Beggars"

In the Piamauza Unification War, certain elements of Kel'gah sought to restore Mir'piamauza's ancient glory. Kel'gah failed to annex her rival Azrun√Ęth. Since that war, the two have become commercial rivals with each sponsoring brigands to prey on each other's shipping.